Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Commission and successor of Horizon 2020 that will run from 2021 till 2027.

Structure of Horizon Europe

The structure of the programme and details about the provisional agreement are published on this webpage of the European Commission. It includes links to the Missions that will be installed and the status about the support to European Partnerships with the EU Member States.

Horizon Europe will have three pillars and one additional component to support activities in Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area (ERA).

  • The Excellence Science pillar will promote scientific excellence and will maintain a bottom up approach. This pillar will include bottom up programmes as ERC, MSCA and Research Infrastructures.
  • The pillar of Global Challenges and European Industrial Competiveness including the Joint Research Center will feed into the strategic priorities of Europe and will be divided into six thematic clusters.
  • The Innovative Europe pillar will target market-creating innovation and SME growth. The core feature of this pillar is the European Innovation Council (EIC) that will enhance Europe’s capabilities at the forefront of the next wave of disruptive, market-creating innovation.
  • A fourth component on Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area completes the Horizon Europe structure. This component will focus on activities that will increase the participation of low R&I performing member states and strengthen the European Research Area.


Missions are one of the main novelties introduced by the European Commission in Horizon Europe. Missions aim to deliver solutions for the great challenges faced by the world.

Five missions areas have been identified:

For each mission area a mission board has been established. The mission board will advise the European Commission on how to specify, design and implement missions for Horizon Europe. More information on the mission boards and its members can be found here.

The missions will be launched in 2021 as part of Horizon Europe.


Documents related to this programme

Horizon Europe   HorizonEU L+F  

Horizon Europe in a nutshell-ppt NCP Flanders - 25...

Horizon Europe in a nutshell- accompanied recording (in Dutch) is available here

Horizon Europe  

Novelties in the Implementation of Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe offers a stable legal framework with simplified rules and procedures, that be aligned with the EU Financial Regulation, providing simpler opportunities for synergies between programmes. It further improves the simplication measures that started in Horizon 2020. More info in this presentation given by Peter Härtwi...

Horizon Europe  

Presentations of Belgian Launch Event Horizon Euro...

At this BE Launch Event, the biggest blocks of Horizon Europe are presented by speakers of the EC, followed by two invited speakers who share their experiences on participating in Horizon 2020 actions. Finally the Belgian structure for the government of Horizon is explained, followed by an introduction of the National Contact Points (NCPs) tha...

Latest news for this programme



image of Avia-GIS - Software Technologies for a Healthier World

Avia-GIS - Software Technologies for a Healthier World

Avia-GIS is a Belgian innovative SME established in 2001. They have built research and public authority trust over the past 19 years and developed a unique, disruptive software suite - VECMAP® - that supports society to overcome one of its important health threats, the spreading of Pests of Public Health importance.

With the help of a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 project, they will be able to add Integrated Pest Management functionalities and go to the market. With the grant, that was an essential component of their second investment round, Avia-GIS aims at raising its revenue from the current 2 M€ to 14.2 M€ in 2024, and increase the headcount from 15 to 58.

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