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short guide on how to handle security sensitive pr...

This is a short guide of the European Commission explaining the security appraisal procedure and related topics


Full guide on security procedures in Horizon Europ...

This guide gives a detailed overview of all the elements and procedures regarding security topics in Horizon Europe

Joint Research Center  

JRC in Horizon Europe

This presentation will provide you more information and details on JRC’s participation in Horizon Europe.


Timeline open calls July 2021

overview of the calls that are open in July 2021 and which calls will open in the upcoming months


KIC fees & criteria

overview of the criteria and membership fees to join the respective knowledge and innovation communities (KIC)


Overview KIC Urban Mobility

presentation by the coordinator of the KIC urban mobility


QUICK OVERVIEW HE RI WP 2021-2022 calls version 2....

This is a quick overview of the calls for proposals in the Horizon Europe Research Infrastructures work programme 2021-2022 (version 2.0 15 June 2021)

digital europe programme  

Introduction to Digital Europe Programme

What is the Digital (or Digital Europe Programme)? It is complementarry to other programmes with investments in digital. In this presentation you'll find a high-level summary, budget information and an overal planning. It also includes some more tangible information on the the 5 different subprogrammes.

Horizon Europe   HorizonEU L+F  

Horizon Europe in a nutshell-ppt NCP Flanders - 25...

Horizon Europe in a nutshell- accompanied recording (in Dutch) is available here


image of ERC grants for UGent professor Lieven Eeckhout

ERC grants for UGent professor Lieven Eeckhout

Professor Lieven Eeckhout’s main research interests include computer architecture and the hardware/software interface with a specific emphasis on performance evaluation and modeling, and dynamic resource management.

Professor Eeckhout is the recipient of a European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant, Advanced grant and three Proof of Concept grants. Two of his former PhD students founded in 2013 CoScale, a spin-off in data center monitoring, which was acquired by New Relic.

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