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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the main Research and Innovation Funding Programme of the European Commission.

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the previous Funding Programme. There are no longer calls, but projects can run until 2024.

Digital Europe

Digital Europe is a Funding Programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and administrations.

Other EU Funding

There are many other relevant EU funding programmes, managed by several agencies and directorates.

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We ensure that you have all the necessary information and knowledge to participate in Horizon Europe and Digital Europe.
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Many calls require cooperation between different partners to develop and implement a Horizon or Digital Europe project. Discover the tools & organisations that can help you to find the right partners.

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We guide stakeholders located in Flanders during the whole process of planning and application to a call topic. Any Flanders-based organisation can request advice from the NCP advisors free of charge.

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NCP Flanders guides and supports you with all legal and financial issues during the complete life cycle of Horizon Europe and Digital Europe

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You also might need support after your European grant has been awarded. For example with project and financial reporting, contract amendments and other legal and financial issues.

What has been realised

Sometimes an example says more than a thousand explanations. Especially to reveal the diversity of the Horizon Europe programme.

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Not sure about the scope of a project, or what kind of results to expect? Have a look at the richt variety of projects that have been funded in the past.

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European funding is a complex matter. We help you to understand the policy context of the Horizon Europe programme.


image of Circusol - Circular Business Models for the Solar Power

Circusol - Circular Business Models for the Solar Power

Circusol is an Innovation Action project funded under a cross-cutting work programme part of Horizon 2020. Circusol aims at unleashing the full potential of circular business models, in particular Product-Service Systems, in simultaneously delivering real environmental, economic and user benefits. By that, Circusol aims to establish solar power as a spearhead sector in demonstrating a path driven by service-based businesses towards a circular economy in Europe.

A strong Flemish partnership in new Horizon 2020 project on circular economy business demonstrators, including VITO (Coordinator), IMEC, Ecopower cvba, Futech bvba, PV Cycle aisbl and Daidalos Peutz bvba.