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Digital Europe is a Funding Programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and administrations.

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Cascade Funding for Digital Topics

Published on | 2 years ago

Programmes Digital, Industry & Space  

Cascade funding, also known as Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP), is a mechanism where on behalf of the European Commission funding is given to assist organisations in the uptake or development of innovation, often limited to a quite narrow niche. It is a entry-level funding scheme which is aims at and is beneficial for startups, scale-ups, SMEs and/or mid-caps.

The full overview of the 23 open calls (at the moment of writing) can be found on on the Funding & Tenders Portal, in this article we'll focus on the call topics that are related to Digital topics.


Research Data Alliance (RDA) / European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)


European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN)

EHDEN’s mission is to reduce the time needed to provide answers in real world, health research. It will achieve this by developing the required infrastructure in a federated network at scale across Europe, collaboration on research methodologies, and education in an open science collaboration.



Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE) are a short-term (3 months) internship projects between two different entities from two different Countries: one Academic/Industrial partner who act as Sending Organization and one Academic/Industrial partner who act as Host Organization.

Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE) comprise a novel type of experiments allowing smaller projects, or less mature ideas to be presented, tested and thus potentially find the fertile ground to grow and reveal its product potentials.



DIH-World aims to accelerate the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors by supporting them in building sustainable competitive advantages and reaching global markets. To achieve this objective, the DIH-World project consortium is launching its second open calls to select and support up to 20 SME-driven experiments.



MIND4MACHINES targets digitalisation of the manufacturing industry. It will fund the development, testing, validation, and market uptake of Industry 4.0 solutions of technology provider SMEs and startups. 


Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE)

Be awarded up to €500,000-worth of cloud infrastructure, platform and software services and drive improved agility and outcomes for your research project!



Ontochain will provide funding to internet innovators for developing Blockchain-based knowledge management solutions that address the challenge of secure and transparent knowledge management as well as service interoperability on the Internet.



InterConnect is looking for Bottom-up projects that will develop and test novel Interoperable applications or services for smart homes and grids, with a clear societal and economic value, on top of the InterConnect’s Interoperability Framework.


AI Regio

AI REGIO will build a one-stop-shop platform that enables access to resources for AI-based solutions in efficient and sustainable manufacturing, with particular emphasis on resources that can lower the AI adoption barriers for SMEs.



PULSATE is the new PAN-European Network designed to boost the adoption of Laser-based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) technology that will empower the European Manufacturing industry digitalization.


NGI Assure

Assure support projects that design and engineer reusable building blocks for the Next Generation Internet as part of a complete, strong chain of assurances for all stakeholders regarding the source and integrity of identities, identifiers, data, cyberphysical systems, service components and processes. 


NGI Zero Entrust

Among others this project is looking to deliver architectures, protocols and services to ensure that end-users can exert their rights (e.g. under the GDPR) and benefit from decentralised technological solutions that ensure that they are fully in control of their personal data on the Internet.



Platform-enabled KITs of arTificial intelligence FOR an easy uptake by SMEs. Open call for demonstrating an AI solution in a relevant manufacturing environment.



Automated Planning and Scheduling is a central research area in AI, concerned with reasoning on a predictive model of a system to identify a course of actions that achieves a desired goa



Relaunching European smart and SustainablE Tourism models Through digitalization and INnovative technoloGies



Data Spaces for effective and trusted data sharing. A collaborative initiative boosting the development of innovative services around new data value chains in multiple sectors.



Create and Harvest Offerings to support Manufacturing SMEs to become Digital Twin Champions



Validate the IoT-NGIN components/technology by EU based SMEs active in IoT applications’ development.




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image of Miricle - Mine Risk Clearance for Europe

Miricle - Mine Risk Clearance for Europe

The Miricle project, ‘Mine Risk Clearance for Europe’, obtained funding under the European Defence Industrial Development programme call ‘Underwater control contributing to resilience at sea’. The main objective of the project was to achieve a European and sovereign capacity in future mine warfare and create a path for the next generation ‘made in Europe’ countermeasure solutions. In order to realise this objective, Miricle addressed various stages: studies, design, prototyping and testing. These stages inter alia included the successful testing of an XL Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, a protototyped mine disposal system and multiple innovative systems to detect buried mines. Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), was one of the five Belgian partners in the consortium. Within the project, VLIZ was able to forward its research on the acoustic imaging of the seabed to spatially map and visualize buried structures and objects - in this case buried mines - in the highest possible detail. VLIZ also led the work on ‘Port and Offshore Testing’, building on the expertise of the institute in the field of marine operations and technology.