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NCP Flanders will assist you in finding partners for international cooperation and connecting you to different networks.

Attention: if you are not located in Flanders, please check here who can help you.

If you are new to Horizon Europe

Please consult the dedicated Horizon Europe for beginners page.

If you are an academic researcher

If you are a staff member of a university, university college or research organisation … . Most of these organisations located in Flanders, have installed a European Funding Support Office which is your first contact point.

If you are interested in the strategic dimension

The various work programmes with calls for proposals are drafted by several Programme Committees consisting of delegates of the participating countries in Horizon Europe.

Representatives from EWI (Department of Economy, Science and Innovation) inform on the drafting process and collect input from stakeholders located in Flanders to bring it on the Belgian and European level, which results in a concrete work programme. This input can typically consist of suggestions for new topics, requests for adaptations on scale, content of proposed projects or feedback on former participants.

You can contact the Horizon Europe programme committee delegate from Flanders of the programme of your interest. As soon as the committees for Horizon EU will be composed, the  information will be added here. Until then, please contact the NCP of your domain in Horizon Europe.

If you want to be connected to international partners

Check out our dedicated partner search page for more information on Enterprise Europe Network and the other possibilities.

Please find a summary of these main connection services in these slides


NCP offers advice to potential applicants and beneficiaries.

Support for proposal writers

NCP Flanders guides stakeholders located in Flanders during the whole process of planning of and application to a Horizon call topic.

Any Flanders-based organisation – research centres, universities, companies, etc. – can request advice from the NCP.

Opportunities and strategy: identification of Horizon funding opportunities that match your project ideas and long-term strategy

Concept validation: optimisation of your project ideas to fit identified Horizon opportunities

Planning of the project: Tips and tricks are elaborated in this presentation (second half of the file) for Horizon 2020. Many of the priniples still apply under Horizon Europe, but since there are some novelties introduced under Horizon Europe, an updated presentation will be made available in the future.

Writing process: The steps of the evaluation process are elaborated in detail also in the presentation, which provides you with tips and tricks to write a good proposal.

Critical proposal review: proposal writing follow-up to increase the quality and chances of success of your proposal

Project management advice

Support to on-going projects with project and financial reporting, contract amendments and other legal and financial issues. Administrative, legal and financial issues are elaborated on the Support for Legal and Financial issues page.

Need a helping hand?

The NCP advisor in your field is open to receive your questions from the complete proposal and project cycle about the call topics of the programme of your interest. Get the right contact details of whom to turn to under each Horizon Europe programme section or via contact in the menu on top of the page.



image of Avia-GIS - Software Technologies for a Healthier World

Avia-GIS - Software Technologies for a Healthier World

Avia-GIS is a Belgian innovative SME established in 2001. They have built research and public authority trust over the past 19 years and developed a unique, disruptive software suite - VECMAP® - that supports society to overcome one of its important health threats, the spreading of Pests of Public Health importance.

With the help of a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 project, they will be able to add Integrated Pest Management functionalities and go to the market. With the grant, that was an essential component of their second investment round, Avia-GIS aims at raising its revenue from the current 2 M€ to 14.2 M€ in 2024, and increase the headcount from 15 to 58.

Read the full article for details  or Check out the other testimonials

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