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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the main Research and Innovation Funding Programme of the European Commission.

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the previous Funding Programme. There are no longer calls, but projects can run until 2024.

Digital Europe

Digital Europe is a Funding Programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and administrations.

Other EU Funding

There are many other relevant EU funding programmes, managed by several agencies and directorates.


A deep dive into specific issues and answers to commonly asked questions. This section is regularly updated

Lump sum actions

Lump sum funding is gradually introduced in several EU funding programmes with the aim to reduce administration and financial errors. Lump sums grants have a budget defined at proposal stage and fixed in the grant agreement.

How to get started with EDF

All basic information you need to find out whether EDF is something for you and how to get started in EDF

Results of previous calls

An overview of projects that have been selected for funding

EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS)

The EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS) is a set of instruments enabled by the European Defence Fund (EDF) to strengthen defence innovation in the European Union.

International cooperation in Digital Europe

Participation in the Digital Europe programme is open to eligible third countries, taking into account certain restrictions in specific cases.

The coordinator's role in Horizon Europe or Digital Europe projects

The coordinator mostly starts playing his role during project proposal stage and continues beyond its end date. He acts as the central hub of the project, providing leadership, coordination and management to ensure the successful implementation.

Unit costs for personnel costs and internally invoiced goods and services in Digital Europe

To simplify the declaration of costs, unit costs can be used for staff costs and internally invoiced goods and services under Digital Europe

Clinical studies annex & Clinical trials regulation

This infosheet provides information on the clinical studies annex that must be attached for calls that involve clinical studies.

Pilot on Blind evaluation

This infosheet provides an overview of key elements to take into account for calls that will be evaluated blindly.

Horizon Europe Two-stage Calls

This infosheet on two-stage calls provides an overview of key elements to take into account in a two-stage submission procedure.


image of SeaFoodTomorrow - improving the safety and dietary properties of seafood

SeaFoodTomorrow - improving the safety and dietary properties of seafood

The Project SeafoodTomorrow is a project that is approved within the call BG-08-2017: Innovative sustainable solutions for improving the safety and dietary properties of seafood.

The three-year SeafoodTomorrow project brings together 34 partners. From Flanders, ILVO takes part in the project.They are responsible for setting up two databases which are the central point of the project to gather all the project data from analysis and assessement. ILVO is also leader of the workpackage dealing with authenticity, traceability and labelling. ILVO is also involved a the workpackage about novel food preparation. And in the managerial part, ILVO is head of the IPC- Intellectual Property Comité.