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Partner search for call HEU "Wind energy in the natural and social environment"

Published on | 2 weeks ago

Programmes Climate, Energy, Mobility  


Please find below a specific partner search for a project proposal within the call HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-02-05: Wind energy in the natural and social environment.

This topic is also very actual in our densely populated country where renewable energy projects often receive fierce opposition. For more information you can contact the North Denmark EU office or one of the NCP's for cluster 5. 



  • Cecilie Lindstrom
  • 17/05/2021


Call Title

HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-02-05: Wind energy in the natural and social environment

Call Reference


Funding Programme

Horizon Europe

Deadline of the Call

Tue, 05/01/2021 - 12:00


The municipality of Hjørring want to bridge the gap between citizens, public administrations and renewable energy installations, particular with regard to on- offshore windmills.

As a local government, we are able to bridge the gab and engage different communities to support new technologies and identify actions towards co-existence. We are also able to incorporate new technology and SSH in management and policy development, far more than today. The Municipality of Hjørring offers our management as well as contact to the citizens and public policy to this area as a showcase for new ways of incorporating renewable energy technologies in the natural and social environment with citizens engagement, public support, local business support and enhanced energy citizenship in a quatro helix collaborative model.

Important outcomes and aspects.  

  • Increased collaborative management culture by developing new models for enhanced societal engagement
  • In-depth analysis of wind installations on the environment and on local communities;
  • Develop guidelines to enhance energy citizenship
  • Realise outreach activities to promote social awareness and engagement on wind energy
  • Develop a forum where regulators, industry, and local communities can exchange information and provide input to one another
  • Identify future deployment of wind energy and develop a new system for the process of deployment

We need: contribution from social science and humanities: Disciplines and the involvement of SSH experts, institutions as well as the inclusion of relevant SSH expertise, in order to produce meaningful and significant effects enhancing the societal impact of the related research activities.

Project Budget


Duration of Project

36 months

Partners Involved

The Municipality Of Hjørring

Deadline for Expression of Interest

Thu, 01/07/2021 - 12:00


Type of Partners Sought

SSH experts and expertise, Universities, research bodies, businesses, SME, citizen organisations, local authorities, public/private partnerships etc. Anybody with an interest in co-creating a common goal and bridging the gap between renewables and citizens - enhance co-living and co-existence.

The Municipality wants to coordinate but is also open towards bringing in another lead partner.

Organisation Type

Public Authority



Cecilie Lindstrom

Email Address

Organisation Name

North Denmark EU Office

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