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Agreement between EP and EU member states on EIT

Published on | 1 month ago

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On 28 January an informal agreement was reached, between de European Parliament rapporteurs and representatives of the Portuguese Council presidency, on an update of the legal basis (regulation) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) as well as its new Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) for 2021-2027. The budget of EIT is increased with € 600 million, compared to the previous funding period (2014-2020), which is set at € 2.96 billion (2021-2027). The Strategic Innovation Agenda among others aims to increase the regional impact of Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and innovation capacity of higher education institutions. In addition to the eight existing KICs, the launch of two new KICs is foreseen in 2022 (cultural and creative sectors and industries CCI) and 2025 (water, marine and maritime sectors and ecosystems). The Council can only formally adopt the EIT regulation and decision for the Strategic Innovation Agenda after the Horizon Europe regulation has been adopted.

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Press release EIT strategy for 2021-2027 and EIT strategy 2021-2027

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image of AVIA-GIS / SMEinstrument

AVIA-GIS / SMEinstrument

Avia-GIS is a Belgian innovative SME established in 2001. They have built research and public authority trust over the past 19 years and developed a unique, disruptive software suite - VECMAP® - that will support society to overcome one of its important health threats, the spreading of Pests of Public Health importance.

With the help of a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument-phase 2 project, they will be able to add Integrated Pest Management (IPM) functionalities and bring VECMAP®IPM to the market. Within 5 years Avia-GIS will enable 2000 SME pest controllers and 2340 local authorities to shift to IPM strategies. With the grant they will raise revenue from 2 M€ to 14.2 M€ in 2024, and increase the headcount from 15 to 58.

The Horizon 2020 grant was an essential component of their second investment round. To date Avia-GIS already raised 1 M€ in additional private equity and they are now are seeking to complement this with an equal amount as a subordinate loan.

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