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Preparations for ERC 2023 work programme

Published on | 1 week ago

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The current ERC work programme 2022 was published in July. The ERC Scientific Council will still need to look into the overall 2023 work programme, but discussions have been taken place on sub-topics. The ERC Scientific Council needs to approve the work programme followed by the adoption by the European Commission before it can be published.

At the moment, the calendar of calls in the 2023 work programme is thus not yet known, but the message so far has been that there will be a return to the call schedule for the 2023 work programme as it has been in the last years under Horizon 2020. It will also be taken into account that the results of the previous calls (2022) will be known to applicants before the call deadline of the next calls (2023), but a short interval between these is expected. (ERC webinar on 2022 calls 59:30-1:00:55 minutes)

Finally, as of the 2023 work programme, the intention is to change the reference date for determining the eligibility period, for Starting and Consolidator grants, to the date of the PhD defence, rather than the date on which the PhD was awarded which is the case today. In case the defence date is not mentioned on the doctoral degree, the host institution will have to provide a certificate with the defence date which has to be added to the application. (ERC webinar on 2022 calls 28.15-30.40 minutes. On current practice ERC 2022 WP page 28)

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