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News from the EIC Accelerator - Resubmission of Accelerator proposal and rebuttal of first evaluation result

Published on | 2 weeks ago

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The European Innovation Council has deployed from 03.09 onwards new functionalities on the EIC AI-based platform for the EIC Accelerator.

  1. When resubmitting step1 short or step 2/3 full proposal, following a first negative evaluation, there is now the possibility to summarize and highlight the adjustments effected, if any (5000 characters) and to rebut in content the 1st evaluation comments you disagree with (10,000 characters).
  2. As a consequence, the (limited in scope) complaint process, which is put in place in relation to step 1, shall from now on be only open once the short proposal has been rejected twice.
  3. When submitting for the first time the step 2/3 full proposal, since the short proposal may have been scored "no go" by 1 or 2 experts, there will be given the possibility to rebut these negative comments, where needed (10,000 characters).
  4. Experts assigned to the resubmitted or step 2/3 full proposal shall always be different than the ones having evaluated it previously. They will be asked to take into account those rebuttal elements when evaluating your proposal.

Why these changes ?

  • The consideration is that the Accelerator submission and evaluation process must show continuity, with the idea that it should contribute to help develop the idea and its implementing modalities. The right to resubmit should not be a "second chance to a lottery", but the occasion to defend the idea in a "constructive dialogue" between the applicants and the EIC via its experts.
  • The complaint process available under step 1 is too formal and narrow in scope - it cannot be otherwise for legal reasons - to rebut the content of expert's opinions.

Source: EIC

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