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European Commission webinar “Horizon Results Booster: Bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and beyond”

10:00 - 12:30

This was 2 weeks ago



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“The European Commission is organising an open information session on the Horizon Results Booster, the EU initiative that provides a set of free tailor-made services aiming to increase dissemination and exploitation potential in EU-Funded projects.

This training will focus on how the Horizon Results Booster can help with the dissemination and exploitation of Research and Innovation projects results.

The consortium of companies providing these services led by Meta Group will explain the objectives of the Horizon Results Booster and will highlight the added value of selecting the appropriate services for Research and Innovation projects.”

All information on the webinar is available here.

Source: Funding and Tender portal

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image of Limecraft - Powerful workflows for video products

Limecraft - Powerful workflows for video products

If you’ve never heard of Limecraft, you’re clearly not working in the media sector. Their SaaS platform provides integrated workflows for media management, scripted and unscripted TV, and subtitling and localisation. It is used by leading broadcasting companies – such as BBC, VRT, NPO… – and production firms of which De Mensen or Hotel Hungaria might ring a bell (at least if you are Belgian).

NCP Flanders went to Ghent to interview Maarten Verwaest, CEO and cofounder, about how he sees Horizon 2020. Limecraft is a partner in the MeMAD project, which is a collaborative RIA project submitted to an ICT call topic


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