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DigitalHealthEurope Summit


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As the concluding peace of the DigitalHealthEurope project (DHE), which comes to an end in September 2021, a DHE Summit is organised to bring together EU policymakers, funders, digital health experts and other health stakeholders for forward-looking debates on digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

The Summit will focus on real-life transformations through digital health (Day 1), empowering citizens through health data (Day 2) and scaling up innovation through health data (Day 3).

The organiser, DigitalHealthEurope, is an EU-funded project (Horizon 2020 funding) with as main objective the deployment of digital solutions for person-centred integrated care.

More information and registration on the event website.

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image of PBNv2 - a MSCA ITN in the field of automotive R&D

PBNv2 - a MSCA ITN in the field of automotive R&D

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) European Innovative Training Network “PBNv2 - Next generation Pass-By Noise approaches for new powertrain vehicles” started in May 2017. Their research has the shared objective of investigating the possibilities to decrease pass-by noise of vehicles.

The project is a collaboration between 17 research institutions and companies in the European automotive R&D and provides a learning environment for 14 PhD fellows. The Belgian partner is the Noise and Vibration Research Group of KU Leuven, and this project is one of the many Horizon 2020 MSCA Innovative Training Networks that the KU Leuven research group participates in.

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