SC2 - Number of proposals submitted

Sustainable Food Security    H2020-SFS-2018-2020

The second and last wave of stage 2 of call H2020-SFS-2019-2 has closed on 30 October 2019.

22 proposals have been submitted.

The breakdown per topic is:

EIC Horizon Prize - Number of proposals submitted - H2020-HumanitarianAid-EICPrize-2020


A total of 52 applications were submitted in response to this call.

The number of applications for each category is shown below:

AI4EU - What is it? What to expect?

While Horizon 2020 is the main European funding programme for innovation, there exist quite some other initiatives that operate in a more narrow domain/ecosystem.

Societal Challenge 6 – New supporting document for the SC6 call DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-23-2020

The European Commission has published a supporting document “Optimising the Impact of the Digital Accessibility Observatory” for the call topic DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-23-2020

ERC- Results Proof of Concept 2019 call 3th cut-off

The results of the 2019 Proof of Concept call (3th cut-off 19 September 2019) were published. In total 76 ERC grant holders received a Proof of Concept grant including three researchers based at Flemish host institutions:

Questionnaire on the Innovation Ecosystems in Europe

The European Commission launched a questionnaire on the Innovation Ecosystems in Europe. The purpose of this survey is to gather input for the “European Innovation Ecosystems” component of Horizon Europe. The  Commission wants to find out what the challenges, needs and priorities of the innovation actors in Europe are.

EIT Raw Materials calls: Start-Up and SME Booster Call 2020 - EIT Jumpstarter 2020 and Rawmaterials Accelerator

EIT Raw Materials invites you to participate to the Start-Up and SME Booster Call 2020. It is an opportunity for European Start-ups and entrepreneurs in the raw materials sector to scale-up its business with financial support of up to a maximum

Planning for the 2021-2022 ERC calls in Horizon Europe

The ERC Scientific Council has shared its tentative planning for the 2021-2022 ERC calls for proposals.

NMBP - Number of proposals submitted

NMBP - The number of proposals submitted of the following call topics is published: Foundations for Tomorrow's Industry - H2020-NMBP-TO-IND-2018-2020 Transforming European Industry - H2020-NMBP-TR-IND-2018-2020 Industrial Sustainability - H2020-NMBP-ST-IND-2018-2020

Green Deal

European Commission presents the European Green Deal

The European Commission presented The European Green Deal to the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and to the Committee of the Regions.