SC1 - Health, demographic change and wellbeing

Responding to this challenge, research and innovation (R&I) under Horizon 2020 is an investment in better health for all. It aims to keep older people active and independent for longer and supports the development of new, safer and more effective interventions. R&I under Horizon 2020 also contributes to the sustainability of health and care systems.

Research & Innovation supported by this call will:

  • improve our understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying health, healthy ageing and disease;
  • improve our ability to monitor health and to prevent, detect, treat and manage disease;
  • support older persons to remain active and healthy;
  • and test and demonstrate new models and tools for health and care delivery.
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Presentations - Health NCP Net 2.0 Training 18-19 October 2018

Presentations - Health NCP Net 2.0 Training 18-19 October 2018


Presentation Health Work programme 18-20, calls and topics

Presented at NCP Flanders event dd. 04.12.2017

Innovative Medicines Initiative to launch EUR 45 million Call for proposals on COVID-19

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is preparing a fast-track, single stage Call for proposals covering therapeutics and diagnostics to tackle the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Health – H2020-SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020 – Number of submitted proposals

The expression of interest for the call topic H2020-SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020 has closed on Wednesday 12 February 2020.

91 proposals have been submitted.

Evaluation results are expected to be communicated in March 2020.