SME instrument phase 1- last cut-off on 05.09.2019

On the Funding and Tender Portal 05.09.2019 has been published as the last cut-off date of the


MSCA - Number of submitted proposals in response to the 2019 RISE call

A total of 308 proposals were submitted in response to the

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Presentations-H2020 Secure Societies 2019 Info Day and Brokerage Event - 13&14.03.2019

Organised by the European Commission and the network SEREN4 giving explanation about the SC7 calls that are recenty opened with a deadline for submission 22.08.2019.

Proposals submitted - latest Climate (SC5) call

The European Commission has recently published the number of proposals submitted in response of the Climate (SC5) call.

RI - Number of submitted proposals in response to the 2019 calls

The number of submitted proposals in response to the calls with deadline 20 March 2019 are as follows:

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European Innovation Council Pilot - decisive steps

The European Commission takes decisive steps to set up an European Innovation Council. €2 billion to fast forward the creation of the European Innovation Council.

Press release dd. 18 March 2019 can be found here


Wrong stage-2 submission date in the letters sent to successful stage-1 applicants in NMBP-2019 topics

Successful applicants of the stage-1 exercise of the H2020-NMBP-2019- two-stage calls received letters containing the wrong deadline for submitting their stage-2 proposal.


ERC 2018 Advanced grants call evaluation results

The evaluation results of the 2018 Advanced grant call have been announced by ERCEA. 222 applications are eligible for funding out of a total of 2052 applications submitted. Among the 222 Principle Investigators are 11 PIs affiliated with a Flemish host institution.

Millenium Technology Prize - Technology Academy Finland

1 M€ - nomination between 1 April and 31 July 2019

Goal: highlights the extensive impact of science and innovations on the well-being of society.

Application and information:



European Innovation Council pilot Advisory Board

A call for expression of interest for European Innovation Council pilot Advisory Board is launched.