Number of proposals submitted - Innovation in SMEs

Peer learning of innovation agencies INNOSUP-05-2018-2020

In response to the call, the following number of proposals were received

Public consultation on safe and automated road transport

The European Commission is organizing a public consultation about partnerships in the new framework program Horizon Europe and this also includes one on safe and automated road transport.

Number of proposals submitted - Fast Track Innovation (FTI) - EIC Pilot

In response to the last call H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 of the year, cut-off 22/10/2019, a total number of 324 proposals have been submitted.

European Research Area

Research Infrastructures - the Future of the European Research Area (ERA) from a Regional and Cross-border Perspective - CoR opinion adopted

The opinion “Research infrastructures: The future of the European Research Area (ERA) from a regional and cross-border perspective” was adopted by the 136th plenary session (9 October 2019) of the Committee of the Regions (CoR).

Follow up H2020 - Transport Info day

Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (CTN) is looking to join consortia as partner

SC4 - Transport for London (TfL) is looking to join a consortium for call MG-4-9-2020

The Horizon 2020 call for proposals  MG-4-9-2020 with the title “The European mobility culture of tomorrow: Reinventing the wheel?” is a research and innovation action.

New call: HEMERA Call for Proposal

The HEMERA project is coordinated by the French space agency CNES and involves 13 partners from several European countries and Canada, including the Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA).

Members of Horizon Europe mission assemblies announced

The members of the Horizon Europe mission assemblies were announced. These mission assemblies will assist the Horizon Europe mission board members.

European Innovation Council

Number of proposals submitted FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020 (RIA) 3rd cut-off: 18/09/2019

In response to the call for proposals for H2020-FETOPEN-2018-2020 for topic FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020 (Research and Innovation Action - RIA) – FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking, third cut-off date of 18 September 2019, 447 proposals were submitted. The indicative topic budget for this cut-off date is €160.65 million.

Response to two Horizon Europe public online consultations

The two Horizon Europe public online consultations received in total over 8000 responses.