SC3 - Secure, clean and efficient energy

The Energy Challenge is designed to support the transition to a reliable, sustainable and competitive energy system.

To make the transition to a competitive energy system, we need to overcome a number of challenges, such as increasingly scarce resources, growing energy needs and climate change.

The Energy Challenge is structured around seven specific objectives and research areas:

  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Low-cost, low-carbon electricity supply
  • Alternative fuels and mobile energy sources
  • A single, smart European electricity grid
  • New knowledge and technologies
  • Robust decision making and public engagement
  • Market uptake of energy and ICT innovation.
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Proposals submitted

The JTI FUEL CELLS and HYDROGEN has announced the amount of proposals that have been submitted in the different call topics:

Transport: 11

Proposals submitted - Secure, clean and efficient energy (SC3)

The European Commission has posted the details about the amount of proposals submitted for the following call topics:


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