Access to risk finance

The concrete goal of access to risk finance under Horizon 2020 is to support and facilitate access to sources of debt and equity financing by innovative companies of all sizes and also by research centers and universities etc.

This support is given through financial intermediaries.


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Manual Toolbox

Manual Toolbox for SMEs to adequately fill-in the market and business dimensions of their close to market proposals in H2020


Promotional guide on InnoFin

Promotional guide on InnoFin - products and tips to approach investors and tips and tricks for the pitch

Questionnaire on the Innovation Ecosystems in Europe

The European Commission launched a questionnaire on the Innovation Ecosystems in Europe. The purpose of this survey is to gather input for the “European Innovation Ecosystems” component of Horizon Europe. The  Commission wants to find out what the challenges, needs and priorities of the innovation actors in Europe are.

Update overview call topics Work Programmes 2019-2020

There is  a new version available of our excel overview including the call topics of the recently updated