Future Tech Week 2019

The Future Tech Week is organised by EIC Pathfinder FET team of the European Commission in collaboration with the FETFX project. The Future Tech Week aims at raising visibility and awareness around visionary, high-risk and long-term impact research funded by the European Commission under the FET programme, including the EIC Pathfinder as a driver for future breakthrough innovation.

How to participate in the Future Tech Week:

  • Submit your event:
    Organise an event during the Future Tech week to share your futuristic FET vision with like-minded researchers, policy-makers and potential investors via webinars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, open labs and more! Submission is open until Aug 31. More info on how to submit your idea: http://futuretechweek.fetfx.eu/submit-your-event/
  • Post on the Future Board:
    Explore or share interesting podcasts, articles, videos or picture. Use the #EICFTW hashtag or post them on the Future Board such that your creative side can be featured. You can even compose a FET-related poem or song while you’re at it! The Future Board will be shown during the European Research & Innovation Days. More info on the Future Board: http://futuretechweek.fetfx.eu/future-board/