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JRC’s Work Programme for 2021-2022 adopted

Published on | 1 week ago

Programmes Joint Research Center  

The European Commission has adopted the Joint Research Center’s (JRC) Work Programme for 2021-2022 on 4 June 2021.

The Joint Research Center will continue to support the policy priorities of the European Commission and will provide evidence and knowledge through modelling, monitoring tools and analyses to help design new policy initiatives and to monitor existing ones. The JRC’s work also contributes to the strategic direction and implementation of both the Horizon Europe programme and the Euratom research and training programme.

The JRC Work Programme Brochure will give you an overview of the activities and priorities that the JRC will be working and focusing on in the next two years.

JRC’s Press Release

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image of Autoship - a new and durable way of freight transport

Autoship - a new and durable way of freight transport

Autoship is, as the name suggests, an acronym for autonomous ship. Just like with self-driving cars, the possibilities of an unmanned boat seem endless. It can create more efficient freight transport, around the clock deliveries and these are just a few of the examples. The project has two societal challenges.

At first, De Vlaamse Waterweg was a bit hesitant as their experience with FP7 or Horizon 2020 projects was limited and they had not been very successful up until then. The fact that they were already doing basic research on the topic of autonomous boats, and the administrative help of NCP FLanders helped De Vlaamse waterweg to cross the line and get involved.


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