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Developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe. The community on raw materials is the largest in the sector worldwide. Its mission is to make the sector of minerals, metals and materials more sustainable without losing its competitiveness.

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About the community + Programmes

The general objective of this innovation community is to enable sustainable competitiveness of the European minerals, metals and materials sector along the entire value chain by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship. This is mirrored in the fact that the members and partners involved are active along the entire value chain so from exploration, mining and mineral processing to substitution, recycling and circular economy.

The approach of this innovation community is to integrate knowledge from industry, higher education and research (knowledge triangle) by engaging stakeholders from the entire raw materials value chain. Similar to other innovation communities there are 5 main programmes: innovation, education, business creation, regional innovation schemes and cross sectoral innovation.

In terms of innovation, the focus is on increased resource efficiency and the improvement of processes and products, support the introduction of new technologies and rethink the current linear economic model to move towards a circular approach.

There are several types of innovation projects.

  • Lighthouses, which are large scale and long-term initiatives that try to tackle specific raw materials challenges.
  • Normal innovation projects, which have a shorter duration and are executed at a smaller scale.
  • Education is about upskilling the workforce, training the future generation and creating more awareness about the changes and challenges the sector is undergoing. There are four modules: Masters, Doctoral students, lifelong learning and wider society learning.
  • Business creation (including market acceleration) contains 4 schemes:
    • The jumpstarter for turning innovative ideas into businesses prospects
    • The raw materials accelerator to increase the successful uptake by the market
    • Start-up and SME booster for promising smaller companies and which will be guided by the regional innovation hubs.
    • SME call for business creation and is linked to the three lighthouse projects
  • regional innovation schemes for those geographical areas that are generally lagging behind in this sector and there is also a project on collaboration with other innovation communities to create more cross-over innovation.

How to get involved?

The EIT publishes regularly calls for proposals for the different programmes. You can find out the opportunities and latest news at the webpage of the innovation community

The HQ is based in Berlin but there are many regional hubs spread over Europe. One of them is located in Leuven: tel. +32468306082 or mail

You can also attend or watch InnoveEIT, the annual conference of the EIT where you can meet other members of the communities and experts of the EIT itself.

Finally you can contact the NCP for materials,

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image of Avia-GIS - Software Technologies for a Healthier World

Avia-GIS - Software Technologies for a Healthier World

Avia-GIS is a Belgian innovative SME established in 2001. They have built research and public authority trust over the past 19 years and developed a unique, disruptive software suite - VECMAP® - that supports society to overcome one of its important health threats, the spreading of Pests of Public Health importance.

With the help of a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 project, they will be able to add Integrated Pest Management functionalities and go to the market. With the grant, that was an essential component of their second investment round, Avia-GIS aims at raising its revenue from the current 2 M€ to 14.2 M€ in 2024, and increase the headcount from 15 to 58.

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