Proposal template for ERC Proof of Concept Grant cut-off 19 September 2019

On 16 August it was communicated that the proposal template in the Funding and Tender Portal submission system was replaced by the correct version. It was advised to only submit the proposal using the correct template. For all information please see the official message below:

Dear PoC Applicant,

An important notification has been sent today in your Portal account regarding your application to the ERC Proof of Concept Lump Sum Pilot [ERC-POC-LS] call, with the cut-off date 19 September 2019. Due to an IT error on our side, the proposal template used for your application was not appropriate: it refers to a ERC-POC (Proof of Concept Grant) Type of Action, instead of the accurate template for the ERC Proof of Concept Lump Sum Pilot [ERC-POC-LS] call. We ask you therefore to restart your application process:

Please create a new application and copy/ paste the data you had drafted in your previous version into a new one, using the correct Lump sum template (now available on the online submission system). You can view your initial proposal from My Proposals tab ( in the Funding & Tenders Portal, and you can delete it once you have submitted your new application with the correct template for ERC-POC-LS (Lump Sum Pilot). Check if the proposal is complete. Once submitted, it is recommended to verify the proposal and its content by downloading all the submitted files. We strongly advise that you submit your proposal at least 48 hours in advance of the call deadline (19 September 2019 - 17:00:00 Brussels time).

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and best regards, European Commission - Funding & Tenders Portal Submission System team

For any inquiries please contact the SEP helpdesk (+32 2 29 92222 or’