How to prepare for the ICT topics of 2020?

For those of you fearing a boring summer, be aware that draft text of the Horizon 2020 ICT Work Packages - updated for the topics of 2020 - is online. Get a headstart, start reading now...

Opportunity for clarifications - end July

If you scan the document for calls within your core field, and something is unclear - don't hesitate to mail your remark to Nico Deblauwe, your ICT NCP. Questions will be communicated to the European Commission, and clarifying feedback can be expected in the second half of July.

Public presentation - 19+20 September (Helsinki)

This year the biggest ICT research and innovation event will be held on 19-20 September 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The event will present the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2020, and serve as a unique networking platform for ICT enthusiasts and professionals.

Additionally, with a plenary debate on “Partnering for Digital Excellence” and open dialogue sessions on the upcoming Digital Europe Programme, the event will provide an excellent opportunity to present the main policy drivers of the digital transformation of European industry and society and to discuss how the EU research and innovation agenda can best contribute to these objectives.

A must-attend event for every organisation that is active in the EU-funded ICT ecosystem.