Coronavirus: upcoming call (OITB Projects) for expressions of interest from innovators performing COVID-19-related developments.

The three MedTech Open Innovation Testbed (OITB) projects TBMED, MDOT and SAFE-N-MEDTECH decided to work together and open a call to include new case studies in their on-going projects. Innovative SMEs, companies, start-ups and applied research institutions working on the development of solutions to fight the virus will be able to apply to this call. The three projects have allocated part of their budgets in order to provide services to selected innovators and help them reach the market faster. Read more about the support that will be provided.

The concept of OITBs to forge pan-European innovation networks tailored to the specific needs of novel medical technologies makes them the ideal instruments for quickly finding solutions under urgent conditions such as the COVID-19 outbreak.

Expressions of interest from innovators will be accepted starting September 15, 2020. 

More information will follow.