Conference Revitalising Democracy in Times of Division

What are the current challenges for democracies in Europe and what is the role of research in addressing them? This is the overall topic of the German EU council presidency conference “Revitalising Democracy in Times of Division – The Role of Social Sciences and Humanities” that will take place on 28 and 29 October 2020 in Bonn.

This conference will provide an international platform for academia, research policymakers, and stakeholders from civil society to discuss recent research results and how these results can be transferred to actors outside academia. Furthermore, the conference will debate new, challenging research questions related to the topic of democracy that need to be addressed in the future.

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The registration process for the conference is expected to open in June 2020.

As part of the upcoming German EU-Council Presidency conference, the organisers of “Revitalising Democracy in Times of Division — The Role of Social Sciences and Humanities” invite the submission of posters of currently running projects on democracy, social divisions, or social cohesion to be showcased during a dedicated poster and project exhibition held during the conference. Projects of selected posters will be invited to briefly present their research during the afternoon plenary session on 28 October, and to further share the outcomes of their research during the exhibition. Deadline for submission of posters is 15 May 2020.

More information on the call for posters can be found here.