14th Community of Users Thematic group event

Goal of this CoU events:

To gather various actors involved in safety and security risk management (policy-makers, scientists, academics, industry/SMEs representatives, practitioners, civil society) to boost awareness and information sharing about EU-funded projects in this area, support their uptake by relevant actors and hold annual state-of-the-art thematic discussions on different themes

Details in the document: https://www.ncpflanders.be/sites/default/files/2019-02/CoU2019_Agenda.pdf

Thematic groups:

Thematic  Group  5  (ThG5): Protection  of  Public  Spaces,  including  discussions  on Citizen Awareness
Thematic  Group  6  (ThG6):  Critical  Infrastructure  Protection,  including  urban,  energy and transport infrastructures
Thematic   Group   7   (ThG7): Fight   Against   Crime   and   Terrorism,   including Radicalisation
Thematic Group 8 (ThG8): Border Security


16/09: ThG5
17/09: ThG5 and ThG6
18/09: ThG6 and ThG7
19/09: ThG7 and ThG8
20/09: ThG8

Registration through this link