13th Community of Users Thematic group event

Goal of this CoU events:

To gather various actors involved in safety and security risk management (policy-makers, scientists, academics, industry/SMEs representatives, practitioners, civil society) to boost awareness and information sharing about EU-funded projects in this area, support their uptake by relevant actors and hold annual state-of-the-art thematic discussions on different themes

Details in the document: https://www.ncpflanders.be/sites/default/files/2019-02/CoU2019_Agenda.pdf

Thematic groups:

Thematic Group 1 (ThG1): Disaster Resilience and Risk Reduction, comprising natural disasters (climate-related and geological hazards)
Thematic Group 2 (ThG2): CBRN-E, including international cooperation, terrorist threats, chemical accidents, health threats (pandemics) and water safety & security
Thematic Group 3 (ThG3): Standardisation coordination, comprising governance discussions, prenormative research in the areas of civil protection and security
Thematic Group 4 (ThG4): Cyber Crime and Security


25/03: ThG1
26/03: ThG1 and ThG2
27/03: ThG2 and ThG3
28/03: ThG3 and ThG4
29/03: ThG4



Deadline: 01/03/2019

Confirmation of registration: 06/03/2019

Also live stream available.