Horizon 2020 guidance

Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation till 2020. National Contact Points have been established as information hatches between the European Commission and the stakeholders. For Flemish stakeholders NCP Flanders is the contact point, consisting of and supported by the advisors of FWO (Research Foundation Flanders) and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

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AI and European funding possibilities (call topics for 2020)

Before going into detail on the 2020 call topics, first a quick recap on the EU strategy. Europe wants industry to keep growing around AI, and if possible to be a worldwide leader in AI that is for good and for all.

How to prepare for the ICT topics of 2020?

For those of you fearing a boring summer, be aware that draft text of the Horizon 2020 ICT Work Packages - updated for the topics of 2020 - is online. Get a headstart,

Horizon 2020 Climate, Environment and Resources Info days calls 2020


European Research and Innovation Days 2019


Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek
Research Foundation Flanders

Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen

Flanders Innovation and Entrepeneurship